The 4 Fundamental Skills You Need to Master Japanese

Learning Japanese is no easy task. But it’s by no means impossible. If you follow a well-planned comprehensive approach you too can be a successful Japanese learner.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning Japanese. You need to find what works best for you, based on your goals and learning preferences. However, for most people, mastering a language means getting as close as one can to resembling how native speakers use the language. That means trying to read, write, speak and listen in Japanese as well as any average Japanese person does. Let me repeat that: reading, writing, speaking and listening are the four key skills you should orientate yourself towards in order to kick butt in Japanese.

What about grammar? What about pronunciation? Vocab? Sure, these are all extremely important. But it’s best to consider these tools, rather than skills, because knowing just a list of grammar rules alone is useless; knowing and articulating the sounds of a language does not make you a speaker of that language; and memorizing a dictionary likewise won’t give you important communication skills.

This website is set up to guide you through your Japanese study while focusing on the 4 key skills. By keeping these skills in the back of your mind while formulating and working through your study goals, it will ensure you have a well-rounded progression towards Japanese ability.

Good luck!

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